Shuang Lian·Pump Devoted to Product development, production and application

Many years of production history, with a strong design and development, machining, production capacity. Production equipment, pump performance test, Product testing means are complete.

Shuang LianPump  Pump custom

Build a professional brand

Years of development


Set scientific research, design, production as one of the pump manufacturing enterprises, Product is widely used in oil, sewage treatment
Chemical, chemical fertilizer, pesticide printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, gold, food, water supply and drainage industries!

Stable operation


Product quality assurance system, to ensure that the Product in every process
"Zero defect" production at each station



Have a sound marketing and Product after-sales service system
With pragmatic attitude and domestic and foreign merchants sincere cooperation


Committed to pump and supporting Product design and development, mechanical processing, production and manufacturing

FJX forced circulation pump

FJX forced circulation pump

Is my company introduced foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic desulfurization industry Developed from the actual situation .

IH chemical centrifugal pump

SPP chemical mixed flow pump

SPP chemical mixed flow pump

SPP mixed flow pump is between centrifugal pump and axial flow pump between a pump, also known as Oblique flow pump.

HJ chemical centrifugal pump

HJ chemical centrifugal pump

High efficiency, short self-priming time, and no need to use the bottom valve, Direct start, automatic water outlet.


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